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We are a supply center and sewing workroom for sewers, textile artists, crafters and makers.

We are a place where you can learn how to sew embroider, felt, dye fabrics and get help with your own craft business. We sell traditional and innovative textile supplies for all your needs.

We are a co-op of makers, where you can share ideas, resources and experience in a welcoming community.
We rent space, sewing machines and tools by the hour or you can become a monthly member
We believe that Origin Design lab is a perfect for people who don’t have space at home or who aren’t ready to invest in machines or want a getaway place to work with other inspiring and creative artist.
We believe in Sustainable Sewing which seeks to reuse and conserve existing materials, use earth- and people-friendly fabrics, and cultivate the idea that recycling, up-cycling, reducing, and repurposing is beneficial for our community. In a world that chronically squanders resources, it has become important to recast sewing as a sustainable skill and a component of a new thrift.
Sewing as practiced by our mothers and grandmothers was traditionally about self-reliance, ingenuity, and a smart use of resources. Today, sewing can recapture these qualities as well as foster creative expression, reduce stress, and create social bonds. Sustainable sewing, such as refashioning new clothes from old ones, encourages fashion independence and – as with past generations – the pleasure of owning fine clothes and linens made at home.
Interest in personal sewing and clothing design has increased dramatically in the past few years. The Home Sewing Association estimates that the number of sewing enthusiasts in the U.S. has increased by 5 million since 2000, and annual sales of the leading brand of sewing machines has doubled since 1999. 

Where we are Sew Happy
621 3rd Street in Old town Eureka, CA 95501

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