The evolution of Origin Design Lab

Making the space

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Origin Design Lab founder Jodi Lee met during a series of workshops Baker hosted under the banner "The Design Collective." The workshops functioned to bring makers in Humboldt County together to share their experience, inspiration, and to keep individuals from having to reinvent the wheel with their own creative endeavors.

The workshops were designed to foster both creative inspiration and business sense to help local makers follow their passions and bring their products to market. Both Lee and Baker found there were many talented makers in the area that faced similar obstacles.

Baker and Lee found they had similar long term goals for their crafts and realized that together they could help other makers, and intern themselves. The idea to find and create a space that would function as a business incubator for local makers eventually took shape and spawned Origin Design Lab.

Now local makers have a space equipped with appropriate tools and tables, classes, and retail space to sell and test new ideas. A place where ideas flow freely and manifest into a usable, useful item that will be cherished. A meeting place where ideas can grow and be made real. This is what Origin Design Lab is about.

The common thread

Origin Design Lab, while multi-functional, is not unfocused. With years of participating in the design/craft world, in particular Baker and Lee's experience in The Design Collective workshops, a few key needs in the market place have become clear.

image of thread spools in Origin Design Lab
Baker and Lee Found:
  • Makers make always
  • Sometimes we need to make in the company of others
  • Sometimes our craft doesn’t allow the financial stability to commit to a monthly studio rent
  • Sometimes we need help from someone who knows
  • Makers seek to be self sufficient
If you're a maker or interested in the maker arts stop in and see for yourself what we're all about.
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