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The Origin Design Lab Patronage Program is a fun way to participate in maker culture without having to be a maker yourself. It is also a great way to support a community working artisan’s studio. We are always looking for new tools, materials and other ways to support our studio. Additionally, we will need to repair existing equipment, stock new tools, and update our space to afford our makers with the best possible tools and environment to get the job done. In exchange for your generous gift of a service, item, or money, you will get a gift from our resident makers every month. You can pick up an Origin Deisign Lab Patronage form from our store or download it here.

Gifting Guidelines

A gift of an item or service offer must be something that we need (we can provide a list for you) in order to be considered. Or you can choose to make a cash contribution to participate.

How it works

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Once a month, our member makers will choose a project to work on as a group to distribute to our gracious patrons. It will be different every month and reflect our maker’s best talents. You provide a gift of cash, service, or item worth an agreed upon dollar amount. In return, our makers will gift you each month (as per your gift’s value) with our monthly patronage program.

  • $25-50: One time gift
  • $51-100: Two gifts
  • $101-200: Three Gifts
  • $201-500: Six gifts
  • $501 and up: Something really special

It is the same gift for everyone, but each maker makes it unique depending on their personal inspiration and specifics of your wish list. Your gift will be available for pick up each Arts Alive!

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